Energy is a habit

Create your own recipe for high energy and positive thinking.

Apply 11 simple rules in your life and you will see the benefits straight away.

Do you know that when you’re optimistic, you view the world around you in a different way and in different colours? Switching from a negative mindset to a positive one enhances your focus. When something terrible happens, you will not ignore the negative aspects, but you focus on the positive sides. You see more opportunities in life and chances for growth and development rather than allowing yourself to switch to a negative mood. 

Working with my clients I observe that particularly now we need even more power, energy, positive attitude than ever before to keep us stimulating to cope with our New Normal and being open to new opportunities and ideas in times of crisis and uncertainty.

Think for a moment…

  • What decisions in your life do you currently make?
  • What are you focusing on during the day?
  • Do you concentrate on what is missing or on what you have? 
  • Do you look at the past, present or the future? 

Most people are constantly concentrating on what is missing. If you concentrate on what is missing you will never achieve high energy, happiness and vitality. In times of great change you need to take massive action and build new habits that will lead you to your personal fulfillment and happiness.

When the power of positive thinking overtakes your life, there will be more opportunities to come your way. People who walk in optimism have faith and are at peace, rather than those who live in negative thoughts that cause a lot of stress in their life. 

Remember good energy, bad energy, low energy, high energy it is a cycle.

To navigate our way through the natural lows and highs of life, we need tools to maintain our energy and things to keep us on track. We also need opportunities to get out of our comfort zones to move forward with our passion projects, new challenges, and good daily routines and habits.

We need our own “recipe for high energy” to guide us towards the lives we most want to live. 

So what it is your recipe for high energy?

Think of it as your equipment for looking after yourself. You need to identify the things that work just for you. For each person it will be a different set of tools, which will help you to overcome the hard moments in your life. These tools will build your everyday energy and create a positive environment around you that gives you to opportunity to change your way of thinking to the positive side. It could be surrounding yourself with people who are positive, smart, creating healthy relationships, or healthy work environment, different sport activities, something for your soul, music, books, visiting places you like… 

Your recipe is a kind of toolkit that you immediately go-to when you are feeling a bit out of control, stress and stuck. It’s completely within your power to mange your energy levels so it works just for you. The human body has basic needs for energy production and maintenance, and addressing them will help you function at your peak.

Your mind needs to be supported just as much as your body to keep the balance. Working up what keeps you functioning at your best. So create you own success energy recipe toolkit today. Think what should be on your daily agenda for your optimal level of wellbeing. You can achieve it by developing habits that make you feel happy and nurtured. Habits are the key, so ensure your energy recipe toolkit becomes part of your weekly and daily habits. 

Chose from the inspirations below what could be on your list 

and create your own recipe for your high energy and your perfect life:

  1. Develop a night routine: find a quiet moment and ask yourself every night: what 3 good things happened to me during this day?
  2. Create a morning routine: apply rule 20:20:20 created by Robin Sharma and exercise for 20 minutes, read for 20 minutes and write your journal for another 20 minutes.
  3. Organise your work life to improve your performance: work in cycles, set up mini-pauses throughout the day between the tasks, rest during your free time, and find enjoyment and work with passion. 
  4. Form better sleep habits, it is important for both recovery and preparation. Make sure you’re getting at least 7 hours a night. Remember sleep has a profound effect on our mental and emotional health, boosts immunity and reduces health risks. Sleep affects the ability to learn, solve problems, and harness creativity. When you don‘t get enough sleep, these skills are greatly affected. 
  5. Remember to hydrate throughout the day. Hydration is so important for optimal brain function. Most people don’t drink enough water, so make sure you do.
  6. Improve your eating habits: 70 per cent of the way you feel is due to what you are eating.
  7. Stretch your muscles each day. Move you body, get the blood flowing. Excessing is fundamentally important for feeling good. When you are strong you feel strong.
  8. Create a positive mindset, having a positive attitude gives you energy, while being negative drains you.
  9. Build a list of music you like that lifts you up. 
  10. Experiment and get out of your comfort zone. Be brave.
  11. Learn something new every day. Expand your mind.

When you let the power of positive thinking overtake your life, it will open doors for you that you never thought possible. It’s incredible how much better your day can be when you walk with an optimistic mindset. Thankfully, when you are focused on the power of positive thinking, it helps you to be your best.

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