The New Mindset of Leadership

The old ways of leading do not fit the world we are in today. What should the leaders master?

Over the last decade I have been studying the critical elements of the high performing leaders and their teams. Due to the recent pandemic I have conducted various surveys and I have asked many leaders how do they manage to lead the teams in New Normal and how much did they have to change the way of leading their people. Most of them confirmed that the old ways of leading do not fit the world we are in today.

Let me share with you some observations from my recent surveys and consulting projects.

Most of the leaders today are overwhelmed and stressful. They constantly search for different tools and strategies to lead the team more effectively and build new habits and behaviors to overcome the crisis in organizations. The global situation has dramatically evolved the business landscape recently. As we do not know what is coming in the next months or years, leaders have to even more master the art of agility and adaptability in order to thrive.

Leadership today is a humble facilitation of people to achieve the best possible results. Most of the leaders are searching for the answer:

  • How in this pressure we can get extraordinary results? 
  • How in the current situation I can help my team to step up and achieve better results? 
  • What leadership skills should I demonstrate or improve right now?

Exceptional leaderships understand that they have to consciously develop their skills and skills of their team.   With strong passion, energy and vision for growth, people will be more willingly follow them. The way they manage the team today requires the new way of leading, perhaps in more facilitation style. 

Here are some principle I would like to share with you regarding how to lead your team in more facilitating style: 

1. Invest in your team

Set up the agreement how do you want to work with your team right now. Establish team rules. Create an acceptable environment for an open dialogue and transparent communication with your team. Block 90 minutes each week with your team to discuss the most critical issues in your organization.

2. Create a positive mindset. 

Mindset is mental attitude that shapes our actions and thoughts. One of the key aspects of attitudes is how quickly this attitude can change and what implications it can have, as opposed to skills that must be constantly improved to achieve significant changes.

The way of thinking is very critical if you want to implement any changes in the organization. Set a ton of possibilities, empathy, integrative thinking, optimism, experimentation, and collaboration. Focus on the good things. Challenging situations and obstacles are a part of life of any organisation. Let them know it’s going to be hard at times, but the rewards will be great.

3. Build healthy Relationships.

It is a foundation for creating a successful team. A good work relationship requires trust, respect, self-awareness, inclusion, and open communication.

Without a healthy relationship in your team it is impossible to build carrying and supporting environment. As a leader you may check from time to time:

How much committed are we? Do we have courage to raise openly difficult topics? Do we create an authentic relationship? Do we support each other? Do we know who is currently struggling who needs additional resources? Who need help? Are we growing as a team? Do we provide feedback to each other?

4. Encourage Collaboration.

Look together with you team for opportunities, how you can collaborate better (even during the online meetings) in order to create a tangible value. Think if you create any value being a team. Coach and develop you team. Encourage interaction and be clear about expectations. Foster honest and open communication. Encourage creativity.

5. Bring Energy to your team.

There are a lot of frustrations everywhere today. People are tired, losing motivation and the level of energy is lower than ever.  In 2021, leaders should place a high priority on their teams’ mental health. Think together with your team if you are lifting each other up? Do you elevate energy by celebrating success and demonstrating gratitude? 

6. Inspire Transformation.

Do you as a leader push innovation and challenge the status quo?

Transformation involves working with teams to identify and surface any obstacles to team cohesion, synergy and high performance. The leader’s role is to turn separate initiatives into a balanced, integrated program of change. As a leader you may stress the importance of creativity for the business. Ensure all your team knows that you want to hear their ideas, so make time for new ideas. Empower your team to make decisions and take action. Train them in innovation techniques.

Decide with your team what is the most important for you in your current situation and focus on it during the next few months during each of your team meeting. I encourage you to contact me at any time to discuss your or your team needs or ask questions.

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