What are the proven methods to protect your energy?

Do the Energy Quiz to check your level of energy and apply 3 things to protect your energy.

Have you recently asked yourself ‘Why am I so tired’? If you feel tired all the time, you’re not alone. Due to the recent pandemic, many of my clients say they don’t have enough energy for themselves, and are suffering a human energy crisis. Do you feel the same? 

Let’s try this simple Energy Quiz to work out if your energy is drained or you are doing just fine. Your score will tell you whether your tiredness is temporary or longer-term, and how low your energy levels really are.

There will be only 18 questions.

You can only answer Yes or No. For each ‘YES’ you will get one point. Add up your score for a mark out of 18.

1. Do you have trouble getting up in the morning? 

2. Do you rely on a cup of coffee to get you going in the morning? 

3. Do you feel tired all the time? 

4. Do you often feel foggy, fuzzy, flat, unproductive, uncreative or dull? 

5. Do you have trouble concentrating? 

6. Do you use sugar, caffeine or a cigarette as a pick-me-up throughout the day? 

7. Are you often irritable or angry, for no apparent reason? 

8. Do you forget to hydrate regularly through the day? 

9. Do your moods seem to go up and down for no apparent reason? 

10. Do you have trouble falling asleep at night? 

11. Do you find yourself operating from crisis to crisis? 

12. Do you forget to eat regularly? 

13. Do you find excuses not to exercise, stretch yourself each day? 

14. Do you worry about the future most of the day? 

15. Do you forget to have fun, enjoyment, and laughter during the day? 

16. Do you fail to have any silent moments during the day? 

17. Do you fail to keep a regular night-time routine? 

18. Do you fail to have a regular morning routine? 

Your score:  
If you have collected 5 Yes – You’re doing well. You maintain your energy well. You may have difficult moments, bad moods, feeling tired or foggy, but you probably know how to deal with it. 

If you collected between 6 to 10 Yes – You need to take steps to understand what’s happening in your body, and how to make better choices to build your energy up. 

If you collected more than 10 Yes – It’s important for you to create a strategy that works for you to lift your energy levels. 

No matter how you score, you can learn how to protect your energy and bring more positive thinking to your life. 

Let’s look at various methods to protect and build your energy. My intention is to show you how to build habits of creating new energy every day. Just simple steps that will help you move forward and bring you more power, vitality and energy each day. 

So what are the proven methods to protect your energy?

# 1 create your own Routines: morning and night time routine.

You can’t produce any fantastic outcomes when you are exhausted, so the real key to a great morning routine is a pre sleep routine.

Sleep has a profound effect on our mental and emotional health, boosts immunity and reduces health risks. Also what you eat affect how well you sleep and vice versa. So sleep is important for your recovery and preparation. Make sure you’re getting at least 7 hours a night. If you’re having trouble getting to sleep, avoid looking at any electronic devices for at least an hour before bed. Also, keep your bedroom for the sole purpose of sleep (no screens allowed!). If you want to learn more about sleeping you may watch a Master Class with Matthew Walker (neuroscientist and sleep researcher). He teaches the science of better sleep. How sleep affects the ability to learn, solve problems, and harness creativity, and how those skills are affected when you don’t get sufficient sleep. 

Examples of a Night Routine:

1. Sleep in a room without any electronic devices 

2. Make sure your bedroom is a little cold

3. Do what the Romans did and have a hot bath before you go to sleep

4. Try guided meditations or mindfulness. A regular meditation practise can help you relax physically and mentally. Mindfulness mediation, in particular, may help improve your ability to release the day’s stresses and tensions in preparation for a good night’s sleep. 

5. Listen to calming music. Playing soft music as you prepare for bed can trigger the release of hormones that help improve your mood. Feeling emotionally at peace can help your body feel calmer, too.

6. Think about something positive that had happened during your day.  

Ask yourself every night: what 3 good things happen to me during this day?

Lots of research on positive psychology confirms that writing down 3 good things that happen during the day, promote gratitude, and will make you feel much better after a few weeks. This fights your brains negativity bias and forces your brain to look for great things that happen to you during each day, even the most difficult. 

So make sure, you get your pre sleep night routine right, because this is a really good preparation for the perfect morning routine and a simple way to create your productive and successful day.

#2 Search for Happy Moments during the day.

Every human being has more than 60,000 thoughts daily, which indicates how significant the brain’s capacity is. A study found that, on average; about 80 per cent of those thoughts were negative.

If you want to feel more energy asks yourself these three questions:

  1. Who are the people that fuel my joy and I enjoy spending time with them?

Think how to bring people who make you smile, lift you up and enhance your mood into your life. Also think of the people that bring your energy down, who are your energy vampires and hope thieves and how you can distance from them a bit.

  1. What are the activities that make me happy at home, or at work? 

A positive nature helps you focus on the constructive things you can learn rather than dwelling on the negative.

  1. What are the places that bring me good energy, positive mood and inspirations for my life?

It could be a room in your house, it could be the places you go in your city. We all have places where when we are there our joy is amplified. And there are places where we do not feel good.

#3 Apply a new model of working.

Try to work in cycle’s of productive time. 

Experiment, be creative, and learn each day. Go out of your comfort zone. Invest in your development. Experiment with 60 or 90 minutes of total focus. Rest after it. Allow yourself time for reflection. Don’t jump from one zoom meeting to another. Take even little breaks to rest and get fully ready for the next session. Do anything for your brain to recover. Go for a walk, do some short exercises, listen to music, read for pleasure, make a cup of tea, close your eyes and think about something nice. The power of positivity can give you the drive to do more in less time. And if somebody will tell you that you are wasting your time, you are missing out, don’t follow the majority, remember doing this cycle it is actually how you grow and create energy for success.

Your instinct is more important than your intellect and your joy is higher wisdom telling you what is best for you. So everything I have mentioned before is about taking little steps at a time so you can start forming habits that become a way of life full of energy by giving each moment, the potential to take you closer to the way you want to live.

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