I am writing this blog for you to inspire you to achieve your inner balance, accelerate your career, enhance your leadership style and guide you in times of change and uncertainty.

Reaching out of your the comfort zone

Do you prefer to be comfortable rather than change something and search for the next opportunity? Everything you want that you don’t have is waiting for you just outside your comfort zone. In order to change something you need to change your mindset, the way you think and behave.  Your comfort zone is defined as […]

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12 areas of inner balance

How to achieve higher results in the most important areas of life?   Over the past years working with my clients, I realized that they do not have the space and tools to imagine and explore the potential of the best possible future. If you want to evaluate how to balance the most important aspects […]

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Energy is a habit

Create your own recipe for high energy and positive thinking. Apply 11 simple rules in your life and you will see the benefits straight away. Do you know that when you’re optimistic, you view the world around you in a different way and in different colours? Switching from a negative mindset to a positive one […]

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The New Mindset of Leadership

The old ways of leading do not fit the world we are in today. What should the leaders master? Over the last decade I have been studying the critical elements of the high performing leaders and their teams. Due to the recent pandemic I have conducted various surveys and I have asked many leaders how […]

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What are the proven methods to protect your energy?

Do the Energy Quiz to check your level of energy and apply 3 things to protect your energy. Have you recently asked yourself ‘Why am I so tired’? If you feel tired all the time, you’re not alone. Due to the recent pandemic, many of my clients say they don’t have enough energy for themselves, […]

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